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thursday :::
i'll finish this later.

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wednesday :::

I drink to you

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21st Century Correspondent

Ruled by the upper-class
Wine trade
Late German Ambassador
In the plane over the ocean
I saw you swimming in the fabric of disaster
Present your credentials to the King of Electrons
It was reported in the papers
The party is collapsing in Rome
A guarantee to protect
Hear the wind
Learn to fly
Fighting is his preferred method
Politics in fashion
Prison psychiatrist pled guilty
Long Live East and West
Ribbons number 2 and 3
Secure advancement
The bourgeois art pause
A murdered girl
Inside the dead fish
I met him
He was unpronounced
The fire is burning
Abduction chamber born in captivity
The eye is on you in a slight dive
The handset has wires
I gravitate toward

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COMMENT: Vulgar Tongue: glistening stench of dried roses smother listless kittens. CRY! faint dafodils scream murder into ice cube minefields. HAVOC! ginger sand buckets dream my walls pitch black... and unleash the cats of peace. :: Salieri :: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 04:56:38

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tuesday :::
i'll fix this xx

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ha ha ha ha

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now i have lost my comment box and my archives. grrr! and my scroll bar is purple. lol
is there anyone here?
if so send me a message from my comment box on

ummm ....


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sunday :::
this new operating system sucks

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monday :::

Mealworms have bad tempers.

(32/F/23 Rue Morgue) 11/20/00 2:22 pm

He had described behavior in simplistic terms. A shot of liqueur, sweet psychiatric hospital, becoming interested in medical knowledge as an important form of social control. To say anything meaningful about complex forms of behavior, it is necessary to see them intact, as acts with an identity and meaning. Behavior, organism doing, hunting, courting. Include the level of the creature’s drive. Articulate, lucid, abashedly egotistic, charming myth, the image-breaker self-deprecating Mammal Department enlightenments tendencies are self-negating (or dialectical). Enlightened reason rejects all metaphysical and religious sources of value, adhering to power and self-interest only. Enlightenment is the only road to social freedom but this always leads to totalitarianism SELF DOES NOT EXIST The Druids would bless a log and keep it burning for 12 days. Modernism is an expansion of instrumental rationalism, bringing liberty, material well-being, the "disenchantment of the world", permanent dissatisfaction and the "iron cage" of alienation. The Vikings would carve runes representing unwanted traits (such as ill fortune or poor honor) that they wanted the gods to take from them. Schizophrenic' destruction of the ego and superego A strong, hot drink (usually a mixture of ale, honey, spices and misunderstandings) Our "language games" no longer require metanarratives to justify the utterances made in them. No legitimization is necessary beyond expediency. The production of knowledge is analyzed in terms of discontinuity, plurality and "paralogy" (logically unjustified conclusions). Justification, system, proof and the unity of science do no longer hold. An artichoke and a flask of Amontillado Rejects nihilist belief in the unreality of this world and seeks the authentic individual "overman" who embraces life without mummifying it in ideologies. Post-punks sneer while the lords and ladies ate the choice cuts of pudding Transcendence is a state of separation opposing itself to the flowing of all that is. There is not first an ego for which the object is separated by its transcendence. Rather, subject and object are simultaneous hypostatizations of interrupted flow. The "I" lacks all distinctness, hemorrhaging freely into death, lost in "immanent immensity", which is without separations or limits. Champion the liberation of bodies and desire as Wittgenstein said, as Derrida said, as Baudrillard said, as Deleuze said to Guattari, as Foucault said, as the spectre of Communism said, “Check, please!”

------- ------ ------ ------- ----------- --------

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tuesday :::
The call goes out for something to battle the bitter bite of the brilliantly blasé boredom characterizing a desensitized, decaying 21st century society ...
and Freydis responds.
Here's what to do:
Find a plate and one of those wire wall hangars like on your Mom's antique collectors plates, although that's not a recommended source. However if said plates feature animated characters, Elvis or any Star Trek theme that recommendation doesn't apply.

Next get as many plastic utensils as you can reasonably collect - forks, sporks, knives etc.

Find some glue with appropriate adhesive properties and the right inTOXICating aroma that works to connect the utensils and the plate together. Glue a base of utensils to the plate, then start gluing more utensils on top creating a nice, appetizing pile of plastic permanence for a disposable culture.
Be creative, add chopsticks for that eastern flair.
Now garnish with parsley or perhaps an American flag for those patriotic occasions.
Hang it in a nice place on the wall next to those antique collector plates.

This is called 'The Food of the Oxymoron's' which is a dish best served re-heated. bon appetit!

Freydis - your one-stop source for dangerous allusions and artistic delusions

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friday :::
(final psychoanalysis) testing this blog

a decent burial

In view of the fact that, hypodermic produce have a countless plea, on the way to technical envision, decorous, voguish surgical masks begin apiece summit, miraculous panorama.

Data lines? Subtle. Syntax? Stipulation unsettled Angola. Striking? Roasting? Preparing for death notice faithfully. Downsize suitable energy. Stomach cinema? Towering legs on behalf of a dainty stage. Composed? Capture blasphemies abbreviations. Heart headset? Televise man, woman? Lovely looming smear. Struggling oath crafts zigzags stating nonentity.

[Light-hearted music] (Harry S. Truman) "I can't see what on earth any man with initiative and a mind of his own wants to be in the army in peace times." You've always got some fossil above you whose tall ships are crashing into your satellite dish. Reporter: Encoding human genes, give me visitation rights. Carpenter stuffed an ample head injury into her coma. (Tremendous crash of ice and water)

He took the cells from the embryo as the President denied this right. They put 100 people on a plane and flew them north. They put 500 people on a plane and flew them east. Send me a handbook so I can represent myself. The planes bleached the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful day to misplace my records. I should fly solo. (8/24/00 7:02 pm) a.l.o.

"I Will Break You Ceramic Arm" J. Squid

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thursday :::
I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!! I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!! I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!!
I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!! I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!! I Fucked up!!! Will fix later!!!

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wednesday :::

Sometimes I imagine grand art projects, the bigger and less subtle the better. But the downside is usually the lack of resources to achieve these ambitious designs. Edward Kienholz used to sell plans for his large scale art projects, some were the size of a house, or indeed just a house. So although I may not see any money for my ideas, nevertheless they hold a certain appeal even if not actualized and In some ways the plan is more fun anyway because it could potentially broaden the pool of participation, creating art that is active and inclusive rather than passive and exclusionary. So in that spirit get out the glue and glitter, cuz we're makin' art!

Here's one for all budgets. The most powerful form of art as commentary is merely a highly reflective surface, the power of the mirror, but what's in the mirrors view is more important than the mirror itself, hence this artistic statement becomes completely predicated upon contextual environment.
Save this one for the next pretentious social occasion.

It's all part of that search for the subtle generator of inversion, hate the love, love the hate without decades of televised, scripted social devolution. Bonus points if you can do the reverse. Here's art studio as Skinner box:

This is a thought experiment in (artistic) behaviorism to see if a negative association can be attached to the positive association of say, pop-culture or similar mental pollution attached to the public consciousness like a bumper sticker from last years election. In other words turn mainstream on its head as the nihilist is oft want to do. A lot of this seems to be mesh well with visual irony. Creating it is like building metaphors between the apparent and the intangible; people often understand what's wrong, what's really ludicrous but they wallpaper it over in their minds, usually out of social conformity.

Idea #903: One project would be to glue recognizable items, telephone, radio, clock, junk, what have you, to a wall then cover it all with some nice, garish wallpaper - try Disney animated characters or maybe bold stripes.

Modernized human nature is characterized by abbreviated thought for abbreviated lives, fast times, faster reactions and fastest interactions, all speeded up to the point nothing occurs except the illusion of activity. Life lived for the illusion, the feeling, the simulation of life instead of the actual substance which is believed to be too difficult to achieve despite the wealth of our era.

Idea #903.1: Use objects of violence, knives guns, etc. and cover it all with newspaper and magazines. Now it's media obfuscating the truth rather than illuminating it.

So kids you can try these at home! Well don't use any loaded guns though.



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monday :::

a French citizen will be able to buy a hot dog in Berlin using the King of Spain

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friday :::
After many confusing coded messages delivered via underlings. David Kissel, A communications theorist was granted an interview with the Abbess of the Internet underground literary scene, Alexandra Lulu Orange. The interview was conducted in a secret chat room hidden in the Vatican's web site.

DK: Who is your most influential non-existent Person?

ALO: The American Borges.

DK: Are you referring to Ursula K. LeGuin's comment about Philip K. Dick?

ALO: yes.

DK: So do you believe her statement is inaccurate?

ALO: Not completely, his writing style needed developing but his ideas were there. He wrote fast and for money.

DK: Did you create Abattoir with some sort of sadistic whim, or do you have ulterior motives?

ALO: I created Abattoir for the same reason Joan of Arc led the French army into war, a vision from God. Does the physician not depend upon the germ? Where would the Pope be without Satan? If you believe in selfless philanthropy, I'd like to sell you an inverted urinal. Why did I eviscerate the tiger shark and what about its soul?

DK: What is your idea of modern literature?

ALO: Ha, modern literature began with the circus sideshow poster and ended with the refrigerator magnet. The word is acute. Now elephants can be enumerated in gigabytes. The Diary of Anne Frank is my favorite comedy. Have you read the Saudi flag? Modern literature is a secondary infection brought on by the influenza that is poetry. Six thousand years of epics, ballads, and haikus culminated in these words of the otherwise generic beat poet and ad-man, Lew Welch: "Raid kills bugs dead." Modern literature wears a gas mask.

DK: What music is important to you - Does music play a part in your creativity?

ALO: The beautiful, orchestrated constructs of muddy buzzing airplane propellers, automobile-sized insects, crying typewriters, mechanized prayer wheels, rabid concubines in estrus, space needle explosions, a ring modulated boys' chorus emitted from a broken shortwave radio, scissors cutting violin strings, telephone brain waves, the sentimental screams of microprocessors, half-music/pseudo-music. Music, like Shiva, is equal parts creation and destruction.

DK: If you could assassinate one (real) person, who would it be and how would you do it?

ALO: Are you implying that I am not capable of murdering one (real) person? Perhaps I should murder a (surreal) person. The crime must fit the victim like a French shoe. For example, poisonous fish forced down the windpipe of...wait, did you think I would fall for that? In fact, I think I will deny this interview ever took place. However, if I were to rob one museum, I would leave the curator alive and chained to a Modigliani.

DK: We know that you are a Virgo what is your exact birth-date?

ALO: Swaziland gains independence from Britain...Swaziland's National Day.

DK: Also I was wondering if you are classically trained (college) or a self-taught dissenter? What is your opinion of higher education?

ALO: The black marks on my records at a number of Swiss boarding schools led to my eventual enrollment at a fine but nameless university in the Caribbean. In view of the Maoist tendencies of the coming New Improved Cultural Revolution I prefer that my status as an intellectual remain somewhat obscured. My value to the cause makes me far too important to be machine-gunned. In my experience, the professors are being dragged down by the colossal burdens of the phallus and the cross of their misinformed and misguided convictions. The youth become polluted and are fortunate to escape with an original idea and any purpose higher than careering. The universities are the fountainhead of our technological culture. Imagine what could be achieved if they managed to dislodge their heads from Ayn Rand's thighs. The liberal arts are dead. Long live compassionate dAda.

At this point the papal black gaurd discovered our presence and shut down the server. I would like to thank her arachnid goddess, and the hacker KingFelix for arranging the meeting. David Kissel

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dada is dead daDA is nothing

The widow's daughter was a murderess.
He charmed me on the sidewalk.
Cashing in at the cybordello.
What you stab with depends on your ticket,
But the research department never cares.

Animation spray unlike the soul.

Shoulder agents and thighs spy Inkblots.
"I'll set you on fire if you don't clean all this shit up off my world."
Holding a bottle of turpentine and a match.
The menu was in school girl chatter.
We could read it upside down.
"The exterminator will be here tomorrow we must move on."
When the light goes down, it may be wise to become invisible.

Behind the clothing skeleton key.

He locks himself in the medicine cabinet.
One hundred fifty. Two points higher than me.
He remembers this throughout the night.
Counting the friction on the plaster.
He said, "Chemistry of wood."
At age three he could fly.
You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!
The old Buddhist monk and the Russian boy.
"Don't tempt me with such perversions."
camels breeding Chinese horoscopes SOLEMN FIGURES
The pear was a device that expanded after being inserted orally, anally, or vaginally. It was used to rupture the sensitive membranes and tissues of these areas. With much of the damage being inside the body cavity, "CONFESSIONS" thus extracted could seem to be freely given. Facial masques in fruit or herb scents, body oils, and bath beads connect you with the earth, as does carved wood. sawdust doll.

A photographic study of pain.

He handed me writing samples and collections of drawings printed on Mediterranean blue gauze and undyed hemp.

Nanobugs burning books. Nightmares in the library. Paper hat on the head of the girl in the electric chair.

Do you customarily examine paintings in the dark? She held a birdcage over her head. In the phone booth we loaded the weapon. I left the wine spots off this time.

Monotheism, like the pyramids, was fabricated from some exotic urge.

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thursday :::
At times I am shaken with a burst of brutal and unaccountable laughter.
It resounds within me like a joyous cry in the fog, which it seems to be trying to dissipate,
but it leaves no trace other than a wistful longing for sun and gaiety.

We shall now hear the witness.

This discovery is impossible, I'm dreaming.

Would it not have been better to have danced the entire dance with a simple wire?

Howls as tragic as the cries of a dying virgin.

I provoked accidents along the verticality of the precipice. I summoned up frightful obstacles at the point of arrival.

The sweetness of my work entrances me.

There are times when we suddenly understand the hitherto unperceived meaning of certain expressions.

We live them we mutter them.

She cut off her lashes.

What do I care about the memory one has of me?

A young cyclist walks by, holding his machine by the handlebar.

I have read the letters, full of torches and despair, others more severe.

The queens on high had their own special language.

Slang was for men.

It was the male tongue.

It became a secondary sexual attribute.

They would say curtly:

"Cut it."

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thursday :::
Während nur eines Zungenschlags
gibt es Urknall und Wärmetod
vom roten Riesen bis zum weissen Zwerg
die ganze Skala
mir fallen kosmische Dimensionen
aus dem Mund
in der Beschreibung eines Kusses
der Interimsliebenden

der Interimsliebenden
im Interim

Zwischen Mikrophon und Makrokosmos
zwischen Chaos und ohne Ziel
zwischen Plankton und Philosophie
zwischen Semtex und Utopie

gibt es sie
die Interimsliebenden

in ihren gemeinsamen Mund
lebt ein Kolibri
mit jedem seiner Flügelschläge
dafür das Auge viel zu träge
Kulturen erblühen und vergehen
ganze Kontinente untergehen
hier gibt es keine harmlosen Worte
alle viel zu gross
und das einfachste Beispiel explodiert
in 10^14 für
die Interimsliebenden

die Interimsliebenden
im Interim

zwischen Zahnschmerz und Nelkenöl
zwischen Genesis und sixsixsix
zwischen c'' und Vitamin C
zwischen Ultramarin und maritim

sind Interimsliebende intim

die Interimsliebenden

Während nur eines Augenaufschlags
haben sie geputscht
die Regierung gestürzt
Parlament aufgelöst
das Ergebnis anulliert
haben Wahlen wiederholt
sind letzendlich exiliert
von Geschichte ausradiert
Ich stapfe durch den Dreck bedeutender
Meta, Meta, Meta für Meter
mit Gesten viel zu breit
für die Interimsliebenden

die Interimsliebenden
sind Liebende im Interim

zwischen temporär und Tempura
zwischen Seil- und Säbeltanz
zwischendurch und auf dem Meeresboden
zwischen Semtex und Utopie
liegen sie sich in den Armen

Verschlingen aus Durst
das letzte bisschen Licht
es gibt sie gestern nicht mer
und morgen noch nicht
die Liebenden
die Interimsliebenden
es gibt sie gestern nicht mer
und morgen noch nicht
nicht wirklich
die Interimsliebenden
es gibt sie gestern nicht mer
und morgen noch nicht

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tuesday :::

The High Priestess





A ship of the desert

Walking in water returns a sharpness of attention

Swim in the river to the ocean

Through your physical eyes

You are a spaceship

Hard beset by the troubles of the body

The wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water

Having seen and felt with the real self

The celestial messengers

Who toil and yet seem to produce nothing by their labour

Give desire a chance to flower

Spirit is never broken

In China his sex was changed to female

Unconscious that the body was no more

A ship of the sky

The dark time of the Moon

Superficial self-conscious

Might the mass mind be influencing

Fight and climb and fly

Love others fully and increase their happiness

We are all interconnected through Universal Subconscious

'Perfection of the world'

More in touch with the flow of the world - look beyond the obvious

All are loved in the same way - act on impulse

Discover India in Austin

This story is a cliche - deductive elaboration

Veil of unawarness which is all that seperates us from our inner landscape
The great library of that city is more than a collection of books
Everything is listed upon the records of Universal Mind
Unbounded optimism and abandonment of personal desire

Do you still love my spirit?

All praise is due to the vital force of our higher imagination
It is a symbol of complete spirtual purity

The central nervous system which controls that person's life

Lose self in sensuality - dancing Shiva

Luminous flecks of foam upon upon dark waves

Destroying obstacles set in one's path - surrender to the River

Guardian of the unconscious

Return to the place one was born with courage

[Be calm, reflective, and receptive.] undefined, illusive

Transportation and communication - the ancient stream

A tree of beauty

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monday :::

You said last week, "The tumors (those removed and those remaining inside me) are Spectacular." You shout, "AWARENESS!" "Awareness that I am dying from cancer will kill me, not the cancer." You smirk, "The answer is in dada laughter." I have been thinking about this for one year now.

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sunday :::
Do not hate females
I do not condone the separating of the sexes
Do not hate males
I love the cock I love the cunt
I am the cock I am the cunt
I shit on the cock I shit on the cunt
Androgyny is the lettuce
Hate Americans
Sex brain economic Sewage
Screw in the Contacts tight
Get it on
Don't become
The mountain said,
Fuck, she is getting it on
with the she + she he + he lake
he he he he he
he he
he he he he
he he he
he he he he he he
he he he
she she she
she she
she she she she
she she she
she she
All ways love
the autonomous! communist

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saturday :::
I need a sailor who can suck

My captain is dying.

Your shattered body parts?

massive amounts of people in campfires
military quarters
3 days worth of supplies

read me a bedtime story

draw into my mouth over
the speakerphone

Art Apprentice under Studio 402 Germany, Scotland, Russia, Liberal Arts Minor in Philosophy B.A. Producing and directing Hobbies: Gourmet food and fine wine; flying; sailing; skiing; limited to sixteen participants. Chase Manhattan Bank doctorate VIDEO INTERVIEWING Anderson Gallery skilled in studio performance, intellectually informed in art history, criticism and aesthetics, HTML coding School of Visual Arts freelance writer/consultant Self-employed position MAJOR Drawing/Painting Intern - wrote stories, operated video camera Studied British Law and Politics in London, England, Summer Dean's List Graduated Valedictorian of Nile dam above Aswan, Egypt willing to travel journalist ballet 20 years M.F.A. mural creation in Washington, DC art history specialization metals, and photography If you are an artist, and did not get a chance to submit this year, you'll be pleased to know that you may continue to submit Art calls upon our heightened sensibility to reveal the multiplicity of realms yet to be discovered, yet to be realized. Spread far out into the capillaries of our culture Founder's Hall we have a very small number of years left to fail or to succeed A Tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau Narwhale Bourbon shipwreck cleared of blame deckhand job on private yacht donate your typewriters to foreign sailors PASSPORT NO. (066366) 257167 P/P ISSUED. 14.DEC.1985 P/P EXPIR. 13.DEC.1999.

Your spine dive in French perfume.

I love the sea because it is physical.

I love you because you are beautiful.

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He stayed on the dais
much of his war time devotion was transferred to good will tours
ceremonial duties canceled
the poles are moving
I do not bow
one thousand on the left bank and a thousand more on the right
they were running to me in hosts
I must defend myself
fire fire
I succeed in killing the awful fate
burying that taste
advance guard guts and brains survived the industrial age
converge nuclear weapon
the upper room
my stockings have support spark plugs
the land works against him
(He has erected a multitude of New Offices,
and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people,
and eat out their substance.)
Green Hornet?s Kato
the way is in training
move your energy burning heat sensation hot air balloons
we are covered in blood breathalyzers
I give my statement he is dead
I depart to graduate with a bachelors degree
dirty Eiffel Tower I return to Fire Island
established spy joins me
strap mea culpa into shape
I am true to no flag planting a bomb an Empire is started
Serfs proclaim communism
dada typewriter
your keys are sticking
if I am caught at anytime I will be executed
government owns the airspace
you are a plum
send me your dossier gauze
wrap me up like an erotic mummy and give it to me
shut me up with the Washington Monument
court breakers captain
cryptologist decipher this message traffic
the plane was shot down over the jungle
pistol of mystic and wisdom
shove me up against a wall during the second world war
fuck me down in a trench
support the machine gun
seven hundred rounds per minute
election season on the volcano
Dutch and Germans meet and fall in love
the kick is tremendous
bridges and subways are issued revolvers
in the surrealist house hammers are resting next to all the doors and windows
I am naked under my trench coat
inflecting genial attacks from movement
do not withdraw your entry
this battle moves on soothing my great ship suicide mission power tool push off again
face to face overheating MG 42
hit the fortress
ripple running down my chin in a small French town
street fighting destroys the heart of manufacturing dada military uniforms
high-tech lovemaking is easier than falling in love he said
submarine submission powers
cars unmolested indeed
tanks carry cargo
I carry liquid pin-up girls alien penetration

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They oiled their lakes, which they believe are sacred.
The Artic is warming faster than the rest of the planet.
Pull up a Screen of French homosexuals.
I've got to get the beach ready.
Every degree change in temperature is not modest.
It was involuntary to fall.

To the earth past the stars
The shape of your taste
Pushing pulsating thrusting
White wax almond glue
On our lips
Upon her
Upon him

My sketchbook is speaking mortal poppies.
He said he would hold my fetish in the forest.
With his rabbit eyes I feel like swimming.
It is a very delicate ecosystem.
I have a machine on my radiator.
I have used it for many different reasons.
Now I use it for you.

He walked into my echoing.
Fiction of Jesus
and his right hand.
He asked the crowd.
Checked with the poll
and they said kill him.
White papers about the devil
and Jesus
and the Supreme Court.
Fish reads the headlines.
His trademark symbols go through me,
like a natural habitat.

Men with guns
Wild virgin forest
Christ?s first blowjob
All the major species are here now
A dome of systems
Breathe on me
The government endorsing a certain kind of religion

He was soft and completely harmless.
A lop is my last banquet.
I have seen society, mankind.
There is so much more to me than dada.

She plays a flute
While the bunny dances
I like the way our voices brew
And our song soaks the collapsing
hypocrisy on the left
Marry the mother of Jesus covered with dung

Oh, this surge.
Don't let me push us away.
Revolutionary drudgery.
The arctic is under copious complexity.
For centuries, the arctic ice has prevented ships from using this shortcut.
Much remains the same for a culture built on coping with this extreme climate.
And even though more modern methods are available, the Inuit continue to hunt.
Dangerous developments threaten wildlife and an ancient culture.

Hasta la tierra pasado las estrellas.

The early iceman and his copper blade.
Beneath their feet, something is changing.
How did I know I would meet you here?
Other stories become so miserably transformed by time,
A star unrecognizable.
New researchers replaced old examiners.
Scientists say the middle of the day should be clothed in coherence.
I painted a mural on my mother?s belly.
The ice is drinking.

< Jesus Christ is in the execution room screaming out >

And the gun in his pocket wasn't even the murder weapon.

::: posted by Lepidoptera Demagogue at 12/8/2001 10:36:05 PM

The smell of burnt cyanide opium.

::: posted by Lepidoptera Demagogue at 12/8/2001 09:54:53 PM

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